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japanese acupunture

teishin: needleless acupuncture

What Is Japanese Acupuncture?

Japanese Acupuncture & Herbology has been practiced for thousands of years. It includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, massage, and other modalities to help remind the body what it needs to heal. It is a medicine that has been refined over 2,000 years. Great emphasis and importance is placed on palpation, careful location and stimulation of reactive points allowing for less invasive and less painful treatment. The gentle needling and precise approach means even the most sensitive, weakened, or young patient can be treated effectively.

Japanese acupuncture emphasizes the treatment of the cause of the disease (the root treatment) while also addressing the symptoms (the branch treatment). A skilled, touch-based diagnosis helps to give patients individualized care and treatment. A normal treatment will include six position pulse diagnosis, abdominal diagnosis, and evaluation of the meridians by direct palpation.

In the Japanese tradition, cranes stand for good fortune, longevity, and wisdom.

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