Embracing Your Inner Goddess  

Facial renewal acupuncture isn’t just for entertainment professionals. We all have 
a desire to put our best face forward! This desire isn’t just about looking younger, it is about feeling vital & confident about ourselves. As the medi-spas offer more & more outlandish & questionable beauty enticements, you may ask, “How can I feel & look refreshed, healthy & vibrant, without undergoing the knife or syringe?” 

By using ancient beauty ‘secrets’ from Asia you can unlock your own body’s power to heal & adapt to the aging process. Constitutional Facial Renewal is ancient wisdom with a modern twist. The face is a mirror for everything happening inside our body & mind. And the muscles of the face are both highly vascular, small, & amenable to change. By combining a constitutional body treatment aimed at correcting organ imbalances that show up on the face, & facial acupuncture protocols specifically designed to lift, smooth, & tone facial muscles, you unlock renewed facial vitality. 

The process of facial renewal promotes a healing cascade that facilitates increased micro-circulation & oxygen supply to the skin & the skin’s soothing agents. Detoxification is encouraged & the precursors to collagen & elastin are triggered, giving improved firmness, elasticity, reduced lines & a healthier completion & texture. As results accumulate the body remembers & holds the results longer & longer. The skin plumps as facial energy & blood circulation is restored, facial muscular tension is released, puffiness & fluid retention drains,  & a stressed complexion brightens! 

Besides the ability to reprogram the skin & muscle’s of the face, Constitutional Facial Renewal helps clients shed years of toxic stress & emotional stagnation. This facilitates a mind, body, spirt transformation which is the cornerstone of holistic wellness. This welcomes your inner goddess & brings forth the power within. 

I hope to see you on the journey to embracing your inner goddess!

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