Harness Your Superpower… Consciously Create Your Life

Re-Connect to Your Crown

January 8 - 12

Have you lost connection to your crown? Do you wake up lost or wondering is this all there is to life? Have you lost the connection to the magic inside you and around you? 

Many women are seeking to discover meaningful connections, their own inner power & a life filled with more joy. Many of us are ready to stop wandering adrift in the stream of life & step forward to develop a conscious lifestyle where we are creating purposefully & intentionally. 

This retreat is for YOU, if you are a woman looking to bring forth your superpower, dharma, point of life…your CROWN! Connect with a like-hearted tribe to discover tools, practices and rituals that you can harness to reconnect with your magic. 

Your journey will take place in the majestic beauty of Sedona. It is truly nourishment for your soul.  The magnetism of Sedona is more than visual…it is literally magnetic magic! The red earth in Sedona is rich in hematite making the rocks red!  Additionally,  the large deposits of naturally occurring quartz crystals enable the earth to be very grounding, supportive, &  healing. The magnetic anomalies of the Sedona area supercharge & facilitate your physical, emotional and spiritual healing & connection. Learn more about Sedona here.

DAY 1     Setting the Tone of Reverence

  • Welcome - Opening Ceremony
  • Planting Intentions
  • Connecting to your personal power
  • Reception

DAY 2   Your Truth

  • Change your Story
  • Your Superpower
  • Gift Order

DAY 3  Wake Up Your Heart

  • Connect with the land
  • Nature’s Call
  • Heart Stones & Soul Bruises

DAY 4   Expanding Your Awareness

  • We are all energy
  • Live from your Joy
  • Build a life beyond
  • Candle Labyrinth & Anointing

DAY 5   Rituals for Success

  • Daily Discipline
  • Filling Your Cup
  • Accountability
  • Momentum

What’s included in your retreat?

Organic Breakfast & Lunch
Personalized Gift Order session 
Personalized Aromatherapy Chakra Reading
Your Trigram
Vortex Land Experience 
Flower Essence Experience
Gift each day for your home practice
Discount on Stillpoint Aromatic Essential  
15% Discount on Shindai Treatments
Total Value $500

Retreat cost: $1495 
Early Bird Discount: $1200 until Nov 24th

Register here:

Kimberly Maloney, Founder & Practitioner, Shindai Acupuncture & Healing Arts

For over 26 years Kimberly has been actively involved in healing.  First as a Nurse Practitioner where she achieved the highest accolades while working in trauma and neurosurgery practices. She then decided to pursue different ways to bring a deeper healing to her patients.  She became a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist specializing in the Japanese methodologies. She has spent years training at Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA and Japan. Kimberly is an experienced facilitator for all types of healing.

Virginia Joy aka V. Joy is a passionate teacher & creator. She has had her hand in teaching for over 34 years. Her passion for natural living and holistic healing lead her to create Stillpoint Aromatics. She imports over 400 organic, wild harvested and bio- dynamically farmed essential oils and extracts from around the world. Essential Oils are her way of connecting to the magic of healing around us. She is published in many aromatherapy journals & has been a speaker at National Aromatherapy conferences. She is also passionate at helping people resolve & create a life after traumatic grief & abuse.

We hope you will join us!

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