Why Sedona?

Photo by Dexx Negron

Sedona’s powerful presence has been calling people to her land since 8,000 BC when the Paleo Indians found communion with spirit and sacred cures among her majestic red rocks.  Sedona continues to offer those same medicinal, therapeutic-level cures to you.

Majestic Beauty – Nourishment for the Soul

As soon as you step foot onto the red earth of Sedona, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic beauty of the red rock landscape dotted with lush green pinion trees and other evergreens. The magnetism is more than visual…it is literally magnetic magic!  Both the iron-oxide and hematite-rich sand stone (which makes the rocks red) as well as the large deposits naturally occurring quartz crystals allow for the measureable in-flow and out-flow of magnetic energy*.  This is called “grounding” in East Asian medicine.

Here you’ll find your body and mind release and you start to feel the possibilities of true healing.  You’re open to finding you.  You will see that YOU are your very own powerhouse healer. 

Then of course there are the Vortexes (we don’t call them vortices).  Typically, turbulent flows of water or wind makes vortices.  However here, the U.S. Geological Survey found the vortexes to be magnetic anomalies.  EEG and magnetometer devices have been able to monitor the vortex effects on human brain patterns.

These swirling energies from the earth are literally everywhere. Locals think the vortexes are spiritual places where the energy from earth is optimized to facilitate your physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

*Based on the research work of Phoenix-based electrical engineer Benjamin Lonetree

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